1. 1 16oz bag Nixtamal chips
  2. 1 12 oz jar Guajillo Habanero Salsa
  3. 8 oz Monterrey Jack Cheese (white)


Add 12oz Guajillo Habanero “Sofrito” Salsa with 8oz of water in a pot and bring heat up

Place Nixtamal Chips in the Pot and heat until chips begin to soften but not soggy. Add Monterrey jack or white cheese and stir, reducing heat. Then place on a plate and add more cheese on top, garnish with cilantro.

You can add cooked ground meat, chicken, or top with an over-easy egg.

“Sofrito” is a Spanish word that means sauce used as a base in many Latin dishes. Santitos Guajillo Salsa can substitute for any tomato sauce based recipe to give your meal a San Antonio homemade taste. Try it as a spaghetti sauce, Chilaquiles, arroz con pollo, fideo, pasta dish and meatball subs. Try it with carnitas and fresh onions. Guajillo salsa recommended