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Enrique T. Gutierrez was born in Beeville, Texas, where he grew up enjoying music, radio, and his mother’s cooking topped with a homemade salsa, a tradition that still lives on today. It is not known if this recipe derives from his mother’s cooking, Rosa L. Gutierrez or if he developed his own unique style, since he Rosa L Gutierrez
also enjoyed cooking. What I do know is that I grew up enjoying my mother’s, Santos, cooking and enjoyed the same homemade salsa she prepared for my father Enrique’s taste. It is from this recipe that I have brought to San Antonio and created Santitos Salsa for everyone to enjoy the same homemade taste as I did growing up in Pleasanton, Texas. Our “sofrito” is a blend of peppers and spices that derives from both our Spanish, Mestizo, and Native American ancestors. This combination gives our salsa a fresh unique taste that is not only good with chips but also used for enhancing your favorite dish as a “sofrito“, cooking ingredient, or as a marinade. Be sure to try our different recipes and enjoy the homemade taste of Santitos Salsa.

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