Santitos Salsa signature Guajillo Habanero Tamale Soup. To make our Tamale soup you will need about 6 tamales, 12oz bottle of Santitos Salsa Guajillo Habanero, 8 oz of water and Monterrey jack cheese or your favorite white cheese.

First cut the tamales into quarters, then place in a pot and stir in Guajillo Habanero “Sofrito” and 8oz of water. On medium heat bring to a boil and stir occasionally until tamales begin to get soft. Turn off the heat and add white cheese. Top with cilantro and onions.

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“Sofrito” is a Spanish word that means sauce used as a base in many Latin dishes. Santitos Guajillo Salsa can substitute for any tomato sauce based recipe to give your meal a homemade taste. Try it as a spaghetti sauce, Chilaquiles, arroz con pollo, fideo, pasta dish and meatball subs. Try it with carnitas and fresh onions.